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Window through Time

Streets of Macau, May 2010

I was so excited to capture this shot because it’s the first time I successfully used the S mode (shutter speed) to capture motion. This was taken on a very crowded and very busy street in Macau, China. I was so fascinated by the old European (Portuguese) architecture intertwined with the Chinese culture that I kept stopping along my walk just to take pictures of the juxtaposition.

While this picture doesn’t exactly display the contrast between the Portuguese and Chinese influences, for me it was still a study in contrast.

I saw that window on the old stone building and imagined it standing there silent and unmoving for hundreds of year, witness to thousands of people who have hurriedly walked by. Just as it did on that day that I shot the picture.

Image Specs: Nikon D90, 1/6,  f/22, 18mm, ISO 200


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Hello to my two readers. You know who you are. And no, one of them is not my mom 😉

February?! February was really the last time I posted. How shameful. So many things have happened…are happening… since then. Some of the highlights: I’m applying to grad school (I got an interview!), I visited family in Manila (seven looong years!), and I’m moving yet again.

Yes, I’ve been in Northern California for nearly 7 years now and this will be my 8th home. Well, 9th if you count the month BGP and I had to live in a hotel. I’ve become quite adept at moving, actually. One of these days, I’m going to have to post about “moving essentials”. Some tips for moving seamlessly.

Right. So I did visit some family in Manila last month. The last time I had visited was in 2001, and I have to say I experienced a little bit of a culture shock. Some things that we take for granted, like toilet seats (don’t even think about toilet seat covers), soap, and paper towels in public restrooms (commonly known as “comfort rooms” in the Philippines) are items of luxury there. Sure, there are some restrooms that are equipped with these essentials, but those are paid facilities.

I was surprised at how even more developed Manila had become. So many new condos and malls and restaurants! (Oh the food!! Filipinos do love to eat!) Aside from the obligatory retail chain store, Manila’s malls are filled with kiosks selling everything from pastries infused with tropical fruit (yum!) to seafood processed beyond recognition, compressed into tight little balls and fried in lard (hmm…not so yum). Admittedly, these kiosks had some of the most clever and down-right amusing names: like Quickly!, a vendor that prepares smoothies, well, rather quickly, I guess. Or the frozen yogurt kiosk called Chilling Me Softly. It even had a tagline – “It’s only a matter of time.”

The one below is one of my favorites:

Sabrett hot dog vendor 

Sabrett is a popular NY hotdog brand, but I was particularly tickled by their broadcast that these hot dogs are U.S.-Gov’t Inspected.  

Ok. So yes. I did enjoy my visit. Of course the highlight was being with my family again. To see younger cousins who I used to babysit now have children of their own. To meet new nieces and nephews who bear striking resemblances to some of their parents when they were young. To spend time with my sister before she gets sucked into the sleepless world of medical school once again. To see my adorable lola and witness how 7 years has slowed down her walk but not her mind.

I guess a lot can happen in 7 years. I can change my address eight different times. I can miss out on 7 years of Christmases and family reunions.

But I guess I can also grow in 7 years. In that time I can realize that I wouldn’t want another 7 years to pass by before I visit my family again. And that soon, I would like to be settling down and not want to be moving around anymore.

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