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Window through Time

Streets of Macau, May 2010

I was so excited to capture this shot because it’s the first time I successfully used the S mode (shutter speed) to capture motion. This was taken on a very crowded and very busy street in Macau, China. I was so fascinated by the old European (Portuguese) architecture intertwined with the Chinese culture that I kept stopping along my walk just to take pictures of the juxtaposition.

While this picture doesn’t exactly display the contrast between the Portuguese and Chinese influences, for me it was still a study in contrast.

I saw that window on the old stone building and imagined it standing there silent and unmoving for hundreds of year, witness to thousands of people who have hurriedly walked by. Just as it did on that day that I shot the picture.

Image Specs: Nikon D90, 1/6,  f/22, 18mm, ISO 200


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Yay, it’s official. My image of the Golden Gate Bridge was selected in schmaps.com (see previous post).

You can see my picture here.

Personally, I don’t think it’s one of my best shots, but I’m happy and thrilled to have been selected. “It was an honor just to have been nominated.”

Now I’m motivated to start taking pics again.

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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, originally uploaded by creativepeeps

My picture of the Golden Gate Bridge was selected…well, “short-listed” as a candidate for http://www.schmap.com, the free digital travel guide!

I took this pic when BFF and I decided to play tourist in SF the day after 4th of July.

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