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Last week, I went “on location” with some of the photography enthusiasts from work. We went to a nearby park, hoping to just capture a few shots and get some pointers from each other.

The great thing was that there was a broad range of experience in the group. From the seasoned photographer, with his fancy Nikon D700 (drool!), to the newbie, just learning the ropes. I fell somewhere in between. I learned how to use the histogram on my camera to gauge exposure, which is specially useful on field shoots. (Ooh, I’ll do a separate post on that!)

The bad thing was we went during lunch – between 12 and 1.  In photography-world, that’s probably the worst time of the day to shoot since the sun is directly above your head.

Needless to say, most of us didn’t get away with very many good shots. But as one of my photo buddies said, “it doesn’t matter where you go or what time of day it is, there’s always opportunity for a good shot if you’re willing to look for it.” With that, I offer the few shots I took:

bike shadow

Nikon D90. exposure: 1/40, aperture: f/22, ISO 200

shadow brake

Nikon D90. exposure: 1/60, aperture: f/9, ISO 200

shadow man 1

Nikon D90. exposure: 1/100, aperture: f/13, ISO 200

shadow man 2

Nikon D90. exposure: 1/200, aperture: f/13, ISO 200

I’ve categorized these in my gallery under projects > shadows. I think there are a lot of creative shadow shots left for me to take! Check the gallery and my blog periodically for more photography project ideas!

By the way, if you want some pointers on how to take photos of people in direct sunlight, Mera Koh has a great post about it. We didn’t take any portraits during our lunch time shoot so I didn’t get to practice her tips yet.


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