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This week we had house guests – my friend Lisa (who also happens to be BGP‘s cousin) was visiting us along with her 3-month old wonder twins. It’s been fun having the three of them in the house. I have to admit it’s been quite an experience having the twins around, but I’ll save that for another blog. Suffice it to say for now that my respect and admiration for parents – esp. single parents or parents of multiples – have been upped several notches.

Lisa is Korean and also went to culinary school. This is a double jackpot for me and the rest of the Roomies because we love Korean food. She has been teaching BGP all week how to prepare some Korean dishes and of course, I was more than happy to be the taste-tester. The other night she made this delicious dish called kalbi-jjim, which is braised short-ribs. If you think regular kalbi (Korean BBQ) is good, kalbi-jjim is even better: slow cooked, tender short-ribs with a sweet finish.  Lisa garnished it with cubes of radish and carrots, which were the perfect companions!

kalbi-jim, traditional Korean dish

braised short ribs with radish, carrots, and scallions

The rest of the week, we were treated to chapchae, udon noodles, kimbap, and home-made kimchi. Alas, the trio head home this weekend and the Roomies and I are all sad for various reasons. Not the least of which is the delicious meals every night.

BUT – hopefully BGP took some good notes and can prep the dishes again in the future. Or even better, pass on the knowledge to us!


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