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handmade totes

I went with BGP to her quilt guild’s open house the other day. Translation: open house shopping on quilt and other arts and crafts goodies for non guild members! I’m not a quilter mind you, but I’m always up for some shopping and some girly-girl, artsy-fartsy time with BGP. I was really glad I went because I picked up two handmade totes made of cool fabric patterns. And they were only $2 each!!

I’ve already designated the smaller one, the blue and brown, as my photography and Kindle bag. You know, so I can “be prepared” no matter where I go.  The larger one, I’ll probably reserve for my lunch bag. I know, I know. Why such a large lunch bag? Hey, a girl’s gotta have room for all  her healthy snacks! 😉

BGP has kindly offered to teach me how to make a similar tote. (She claims it’s “easy”). I  haven’t taken her up on her offer yet. But I probably will. Especially since she did give me her old sewing machine a few years ago. If and when I do, you can be sure that I’ll post my latest crafty creation here. You know it’s always good for a laugh!


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