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He was one of the first people I knew who got a car and would drive me home from school when I didn’t have a ride.
He helped me pass calculus (with an A, no less).
We spent countless hours sitting on my living room floor just talking about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

These days, he prefers comfy islandwear to Armani, but by his own admission, is now taking a liking to suits … but still working on the dress shoes.
He adores his mom and his sisters, and the girls swoon over him — yet he has yet to find the one he will swoon for.
I still go to him to talk about love, life, and the pursuit of an MBA, a better career, and happiness. And can also appreciate my nerdy sense of humor.

Today, he turns an old, creaking 30. 😉

Happy birthday, ShOn.

Remember, “don’t drink and derive!”


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she was the best travel roommate on our excursion from sydney to melbourne.

she once addressed one of her school pic dedications to me as “Hi Porky.”

in the 7th grade we drew up a floorplan of our dream apartment and sketched in stick figures of ourselves and our respective boyfriends.

and even though i’ve “forgotten” to keep in touch with her over the years, she remembers me and even made sure she saw me on a last minute, short visit to SF.

in the last year, we’ve started just getting to know each other again and i’m finding out she’s an exceptional woman.

she makes the best shrimp patties and hits a mean volleyball spike. she is a super athlete. a neat freak. a devoted daughter, sister, and aunt. a loyal friend.

today she celebrates her 30th birthday.

happy birthday, carbs. you truly are one of the best 😉

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I turned 30 today.

Every few years, just before my birthday, I would chronicle in my journal who I am at that point in my life. I first started doing this right before my 20th birthday. The chronicle could be lists of things I like, a paragraph of my beliefs and opinions, thoughts on how I see myself, or a combination of all.

When I’ve gone back and read some of the entries, I’ve gotten a kick out of some of the things I’ve written about myself. Sometimes, it’s felt like I was reading about a completely different person. Other times, I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve changed over the years, but the core of who I am has not.

This year, I found the journal entry I wrote in November 2001, the year I turned 24. It was my first birthday away from all my family and friends; the first away from home. Yet I found that most of what I wrote then still rings true of who I am today. So I write it here once again (with minor edits) to give you a small glimpse of who I am at 30:

“I am a daughter, a sister, a friend — dedicated in all. I am a student, a learner, one who questions, one who thinks — sometimes too much, other times not enough. I value my family. I cherish my friends. Im loyal. I’m faithful. I’m thoughtful. I can be sweet, if I choose to be. I used to be quick to anger, but now I try to be quick to forgive.

I’m politically centrist. Although if I were asked to define my political affiliation, I’d say I was a liberal conservative. I’m redundant.

I used to be a worrier — worry, worry, worry — about everything. Until I started trusting in God more and looking to myself for answers less. Then I no longer feared the future. Sometimes I put too much value on what other people — sometimes insignificant people in the grand scheme that is my life — think of me. But I’m learning not to rely so much on how others perceive me but how I perceive myself and how God perceives me.

I love my sister and seek to be an extraordinary role model for her. My goal in life is to become a living testimony to the goodness of God.

I want a loving husband who has chosen to love and honor God so that I can be assured that he will love and honor me. My standard for finding my match has changed over the years. Gone are the wishes for a gorgeous, rich genius. Now all I want is a man who will make me laugh, dry my tears, challenge my mind, and help me grow in Christ. (And be a good kisser – this one added November 2007). That’s not too much to ask for and I know somewhere he exists.

I am a secret wannabe dancer, singer, actress, writer, poet, philosopher, and waitress. I love making lists beause it gives some order to the sometimes mad world around me.

I believe in God. in Christ. I love God more than anything else in this world and am in continuous awe of His greatness and goodness and love and mercy and power. Each time I think about God, who meets my every need and restores me when I am at my weakest, my heart sings and soars and a smile creeps on my lips.

There are not enough words that can describe how grateful I am to the One who created me, who knew me in my mom’s womb, who knows the number of hairs on my head. And I am humbled when I think of the many times He has forgiven me for the countless wrongs I’ve committed. Thinking about God puts things in perspective for me. How sweet it is to live a life knowing my every need will be provided for, my fears and worries will be calmed, and at the end of it all, there’s an even greater life to look forward to.”

I turned 30 today. Thank God.

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when I was in 4th grade, there was this little girl who moved to our school.
She was a Navy kid.
I remember she would play Chinese jumprope in the playground with her friends.
She had long, beautiful, black hair, which she sometimes wore in pigtails that bounced when she jumped. She was one of the cool kids and even though she was a “newbie” she had a lot of cool friends. And the boys liked her.
I wanted to be her friend.

Then in the 5th grade, a miracle happened. We became friends. And we’ve been friends since.

We survived lunatic ‘friends’ going off the deep end (remember that, Aiz?!)
She still liked me even though I cut some of her hair (because she said I could; she was distracted, of course)
I danced at her 18th birthday cotillion (in our beautiful blue Chinese dresses!)
In the early years of high school, her house was *the* place to hang out (BBQs, basketball, music, movies!)
She inspires me with her love for her family and friends
My friend who is 10 days older, but insists I’m her “ate” …

…Happy birthday, Aizzie Bear! I love you!

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She was senior class vice-president and homecoming queen.
Her fingers made the piano sing.
Her parents’ house was friends-central — the place for many a BBQs, Christmas parties, and get-togethers.
Now she’s career woman, wife, and super momma all rolled into one.
Her fingers still make the piano sing.
And now her and her husband’s home is still a great place to get together.
She turns 30 today.
Happy birthday, Det!

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Give her a call any time of the day or night, and she’ll be there to help you out – whether it’s to party or to lend a helping hand.
I met her in 10th grade Geography class, when we had to dress up in different national costumes. She was going to be Ms. Okinawa and had paper-mache’d (word?) a traditional hat from a giant bowl. My first words to her were, “Are you really Okinawan?”

She laughed and that began our beautiful friendship.

These days, she keeps the gang in touch even if we’re spread throughout the world. She tracks down new phone #s/email addresses/home phone #s and coordinates group vacations and get-togethers. She sends calendars and reminders of whose birthdays and anniversaries are when. She keeps me in the loop by letting me know who’s got how many kids and who broke up with whom (has prevented many social faux pas on my part). She is the link that keeps our chain of friendship together.

She’s my friend Mun and she turns 30 today.

Mun — have a blessed, fun-filled 30th year! (and since you have a couple of months ahead of me, let me know what it’s like on that side!)

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