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This is a bracelet I made that will be going to my April trivia winner, Erin, in addition to the stickers I’m sending her way. Yes, as you can see I’m still a little behind. I have yet to give Jenn, my May trivia winner, her prize. Sorry gals.

So as you can see, there are a few crafty bones in me.

a bracelet I made
jasper and black onyx bracelet, Nikon D40


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Ok. Yeah. So I barely remember it either. I still intend to do it, really. But probably not with the frequency I originally intended. That said, let me catch up on the things I’ve slacked on:

First, April’s trivia winner was Erin and her prize (which I will be sending out soon) is below:

 April Trivia Prize

Second, May’s Trivia Winner was Jenn. I will post a pic of her prize soon, too.

Thanks for playing, gals. Congratulations!

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It has been said that the Internet has made the world a smaller place since it has allowed people  to connect in a way that they’ve never done before. However, no matter how connected we may seem to be via technology, nothing can ever take the place of direct human contact.

How else will you learn about the nuances of a culture without actually spending time with someone from that culture? The experience of hearing an accent or seeing body language would just not be the same. That brings us to this week’s trivia. Take for example, hand gestures.

In the United States (and several other countries), the hand symbol above means “OK”. But in other countries, this symbol also means:

(a) money

(b) zero

(c) an obscene body part

Good luck readers!

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The answer to May’s Trivia #2 question is astronaut. Congratulations to Jenn for getting this week’s trivia correct, plus the Bonus question too! (Even though it was on her second attempt).

I wanted to be an astronaut after watching Space Camp, (over and over again, I might add). I vividly recall when my dad took me and Sister to the library shortly after watching the movie. I picked out books on astronauts and space shuttles. I think Dad was kind of amused at my sudden (and very intense) interests in space travel. But to his credit, he checked out my astronaut books without discouraging me from my “dream.”

The dream was short-lived as perhaps less than 2 weeks later, I wanted to be a doctor again.

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If you know me, you’ll know that I wanted to be a doctor since I can remember.

But there was a brief moment in time when I wanted to be something else when I grew up. I was inspired by a movie that came out in 1986. I was so enthralled by this new profession that I even borrowed books from the library all about it. In retrospect, I’m glad it was a brief interest, especially since I’m afraid of heights.

For an extra point, identify the movie that started it all!

Take a stab at what you think I wanted to be.

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The correct answer to May’s Trivia Question # 1 is Albert Schweitzer. Thanks to www.harpers.org, from which I linked the pic from.

This week’s commenters are creativebebe and Erin. Since this is the last post before I made my rules official, I will give each of them 1 point each for May!

Besides, Michele gave two answers in one (Schweitzer and Einstein) and Erin confessed to searching on Google (which is not necessarily against the rules). 😉

Congratulations, gals and thanks to the others who stopped by! Stay tuned for Trivia #2.


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Ok. So I thought I’d make the rules official to my monthly trivia. They vary somewhat from what I originally intended, but I hope it makes things a little clearer and a little more fair for the throngs of blog readers who’ve flocked to my site since I started the trivia. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

These rules apply to all posts after May’s #1 trivia. These rules will remain here for future reference.

1. There will be one trivia post every week. The day of the week will not be revealed and it will vary (i.e., I may post on Friday one week, Sunday the next).

2. For each trivia post, the point structure is as follows.
> First comment with correct answer = 5 points
> Second comment with correct answer = 3 points
> Third comment with correct answer = 2 points

3. I will keep a tally of points  for each trivia post and at the end of the month, the person with the most points wins a prize.

4. The trivia questions can cover a plethora of topics — history, sports, entertainment, useless facts, things only my momma would know about me, etc.

5. The correct answer will be posted within 3 days of the original trivia question, regardless of whether there are winners or not. If there are winners, it will be announced at the same time.

6. Shortly after the correct answer and winner are announced, I will also post what the prize is for the month.

7. If the prize is something that needs to be mailed, I will contact the winner via email. However, it is at the discretion of the winner whether s/he would like to share her/his mailing address or not. All personal information will be kept confidential.

8. Lastly, this is all just for fun! So try your luck and have a good time.

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