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Have you heard of cats bringing their owners their prey as a show of their love and appreciation? Well if that’s true, then I know BGP’s cat really loves me.

Although he’s technically BGP’s, I’m Cat’s favorite aunt/pet-godmother. I am usually the one who feeds him and cleans his litter box. I also play feathers with him.

Cat helping me make my bed

Cat "helping" me make my bed

Best of all, I am his sleeping buddy. We have a routine going, too. At about 5am each day, he’ll wake me up so I can pull up the blinds for him and he can sit on the window sill, or open the bedroom door so he can go do his thing or take in an early breakfast.

A few weeks ago, I was just soooo tired that I decided to call it a night really early. I think I was in bed by 8pm. At that hour, Cat is usually not in any mood to sleep. Plus, I wanted to sleep in as long as I could. So wanting to avoid a 5am wake-up call, I purposely left Cat out of the room.

I woke up at about 6am the next morning to go the the restroom. I was greeted by a very eager and especially affectionate kitty who was probably wondering why he was left out in the ‘cold’ living room by himself the night before. After a few obligatory pets on the head, I went back to bed but decided to leave my bedroom door ajar so Cat can go in and out.

I must have dozed off for another couple of hours, because the next thing I heard was my two roommates, BGP and Mun, sneaking quietly into my room to see if I was up yet. But their attempt at being quiet was short-lived when I heard BGP gasp and exclaim, albeit in a whispery voice, “Oh my gosh! What’s that on her bed?!”

Now before I continue with my story, there are two things to keep in mind here:
(1) My bed linens are all white. White pillows. White sheets. White duvet. Anything un-white would immediately stand out against it.
(2) Cat is an indoor-only cat. He doesn’t have prey.

The gasp and exclamation were then followed by BGP, in her controlled yet task-ready voice, telling Mun, “Quick! Go get some wipies!!” As drunk with sleep as I still was, my curiosity had understandably been piqued at this point. So I raised my head, squinted at my roommates who, even without my glasses, I can tell were trying to stifle laughs, and asked groggily “What’s going on?”

“There’s poop on your bed!”

And the stifled giggles from BGP and Mun suddenly erupted.

Sure enough, once I put my glasses on, I witnessed the 2 pieces of dried poo in the middle of my bed.

Once we recovered from laughing (and cleaning up the poop), we deduced that Cat had been upset about being left out of my room the night before that he had raided his litter box for a peace and love offering to me, if you will. I have to admit, it was better than finding a dead rodent on my bed.

Now I have to ask you, what can be better than being loved like that?


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Isn’t the use of cell phones while driving now illegal in California?

So what’s this dude doing?

a loophole in the system
“Driving” in L.A., July 2008, Nikon D40

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Especially to little 5-year old girls.

First of all, let me start by putting this disclaimer out there: I don’t ordinarily hang out with little kids. My friends with children live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from me. So it’s not often that I spend a Saturday morning with tykes around. That said, my sense of humor has evolved so that it’s understood (and appreciated) by mostly those beyond the Barney generation.

So here’s my story: back in October, my long-time friend, Jo, came up for a visit from southern Cal with her husband and daughter P. Her brother called me and said they were staying with him and he was hosting a small dinner/birthday party for Jo on a Saturday night. Of course, I jumped at the chance to see my friend once again. And it was quite a reunion! We had fun catching up and shooting the breeze as most friends do. The grown-ups were sitting in one area, while the two kids in the party — both cute little girls under the age of 6 — were playing just a few feet from us. I’m not sure what we were talking about, but Jo mentioned that her daughter P loves Hannah Montana! And as any logical, thinking, semi-sane woman in her late 20s (back then) would say, I replied, “Oh! Hannah Montana, she’s my neighbor.” Matter-of-factly. Just like that.

Now what on God’s good earth possessed me to say that, I don’t know. But I said it. How could I have known that little P has the audio sensors of a bat?! The little darling immediately ran to me and began to interrogate me on Hannah Montana and her house, which in P’s mind was just a few feet from my own front door.

Now at this point, I could have said, “Oh sorry, honey. I just blurted that out. She’s not really my neighbor.” P’s a very bright young girl. She would have understood. But again, my tongue=out of control. I went on to perpetuate some fabricated story about how I couldn’t call Hannah at home because she was on tour at that moment.

Well that night ended without me fessing up to my lie. Of course every other friend I’ve told this story to thinks I’m just horrible for telling a little girl this fib. And maybe it was. So last weekend, when I went to visit Jo in L.A., my friends BGP and Mun made me promise to tell P the truth.

P and me, Los Angeles

P and me, Los Angeles

And I did. I told her Hannah Montana wasn’t my neighbor. That she was probably closer to being her neighbor since I was pretty sure Miley Cyrus had a house in Beverly Hills. (Of course, that started a whole session of little P asking Jo to drive around Beverly Hills to find Miley’s house. Hey, I tried.) To be on the safe side, I told her Miley was probably in Nashville most often since her dad was a country singer. (“His name’s Billy Ray Cyrus,” she informed me.)

So yes. I told the truth. Even though it would’ve been easier to say “Forgetaboutit, she’s just a kid.”

Oh and yes, we did drive around Beverly Hills the next day in search of a black limo that just might belong to Hannah Montana. We didn’t see any. Although even if we did, it wouldn’t have mattered because little P was sound asleep in the back seat with her head on my lap. Auntie Mel had been forgiven.

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The girls and I saw Mamma Mia! at the movies tonight. It was so much fun. I realize this movie might cater to a certain demographic: ABBA fans and/or musicals fans. I happen to be both. Not to mention a Meryl Streep fan. (I think she’s fab! She’s Sophie, Mrs. Kramer, and The Prada-wearing devil-boss, afterall).

But like I said, the movie was the perfect end to a rough week and a great start to the weekend. The girls and I all saw the stage production (though not all together), which we all loved. The movie was just as enjoyable. There were a couple of slightly awkward scenes, but overall I thought it was well done.

I was impressed that the actors did all the singing. Pierce Brosnan got the most chuckle when he sang. Not because he was bad. Only because — well, he’s Bond. James Bond, for crying out loud. A few of the song numbers got claps from the audience (as if it were a live performance). There were some amusing parts that just caught me off guard and I had to laugh out loud! I thought all the actors were well-cast! It was cute to see Meryl Streep dancing and singing around.

Here’s the trailer:

[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”477e8b1e933e4f9a” pid=”488438d432ff1cb7″ width=”332″ height=”270″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

Oh and in case you were wondering, there was no nudity, except a few shirtless guys. But hey it was an island! I don’t remember there being any profanity. And no overtly sexy scenes. Use your discretion about bringing kids. It’s probably something you’d want to see with your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, etc. But go check it out!

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original post date: 07.16.07 

Wanted: Friendly, trustworthy, caring individual who can vacuum and shampoo carpets, wash floors, clean bathrooms, do dishes, do laundry (without shrinking them), wash windows, pick up dry cleaning, and make beds. Demonstrated expertise in the preparation of delicious but fresh and healthy meals and snacks an absolute requirement. Must love animals and be willing to occasionally play/cuddle/nurture/pet-sit/clean after/walk well-behaved dog and cat. Skill in ironing and gardening a plus, but not required. May require some weeknights/weekends/on-call shifts. Employers are well-adjusted but extremely  busy singletons who just need a break. Position available immediately.

Those without a sense of humor need not apply. Ability to fly optional.

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The thing about not being around enough to blog or even check in on your blog is that things can happen without you knowing it.

As some of you may recall, the predecessor for this blog was run off of WordPress hosted on my personal website. Since my original domain name was nothing short of prosaic, I had purchased a more “creative” URL to point to that domain. That URL was c r e a t i v e p e e p s dot com. (You’ll find out in a sec why I have to spell it that way). My very reasonable thinking behind all of this was, well, I’m a creative person surrounded by other creative people. My website/blog was to be about all things creative. I figured I’d go with the slang and refer to these creative people as “creative peeps”.

Well about a year ago, I decided to find a new blog home on WordPress (creativepeeps.wordpress.com), because, well I just wanted to, ok. I posted on my old blog about my new blog and provided a link on my new blog to the “Archived” posts on my old blog yada yada yada… bada bing, bada bong, all is well with the world.

Then over the weekend, out of the blue, I decided to check out how my old blog looked like. I typed in “c r e a t i v e p e e p s dot com forward slash wordpress” expecting the friendly interface of my blog. Much to my shock/disappointment/dismay, a site advertising pornography greeted me. Evidently, at some point between moving houses, offices, and email addresses, I had missed any sort of notification that my domain name subscription was going to expire. Now a porn gateway has replaced my once innocent, harmless little blog. Ugh.

I hate to say this but, “What the $%#@?!!” How in the world can one associate the words “creative” and “peeps” to something so degrading, lascivious and just plain nasty?! Ok. I have to confess, I was so shocked by this that when it finally hit me an hour later, I cried. Really. My friends had to drive me to the grocery store and buy me Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. Hey it was a rough week and that was just the sour icing on a very rotten cake. Don’t judge me.

So where does that leave me now? Well, if there’s one good thing about not having a huge blog following, it’s that there weren’t very many links coming into my old (or new for that matter) site. I’ve had to email the one or two friends/fellow bloggers who had graciously linked to my site and asked them to please update the URL to my blog with the safe, kid-friendly one that you’re reading now.

So dear reader, if there are 2 things you can take away from this post it’s these:

(1) Please DO NOT visit my old blog at the URL I tried not to spell out above. Unless of course you’re into porn gateways and all that (Hey I don’t judge you either).

(2) If you happen to buy a URL/domain name, make sure you know when it’s expiring. Or if you let it expire, be prepared for the possibility that one day it may be converted into something that has absolutely nothing to do with you, your cause, what you believe in, or what you stand for.

I’ll end for now as I have to update other places where I might have plugged my old URL. Ugh once again.

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Hello to my two readers. You know who you are. And no, one of them is not my mom 😉

February?! February was really the last time I posted. How shameful. So many things have happened…are happening… since then. Some of the highlights: I’m applying to grad school (I got an interview!), I visited family in Manila (seven looong years!), and I’m moving yet again.

Yes, I’ve been in Northern California for nearly 7 years now and this will be my 8th home. Well, 9th if you count the month BGP and I had to live in a hotel. I’ve become quite adept at moving, actually. One of these days, I’m going to have to post about “moving essentials”. Some tips for moving seamlessly.

Right. So I did visit some family in Manila last month. The last time I had visited was in 2001, and I have to say I experienced a little bit of a culture shock. Some things that we take for granted, like toilet seats (don’t even think about toilet seat covers), soap, and paper towels in public restrooms (commonly known as “comfort rooms” in the Philippines) are items of luxury there. Sure, there are some restrooms that are equipped with these essentials, but those are paid facilities.

I was surprised at how even more developed Manila had become. So many new condos and malls and restaurants! (Oh the food!! Filipinos do love to eat!) Aside from the obligatory retail chain store, Manila’s malls are filled with kiosks selling everything from pastries infused with tropical fruit (yum!) to seafood processed beyond recognition, compressed into tight little balls and fried in lard (hmm…not so yum). Admittedly, these kiosks had some of the most clever and down-right amusing names: like Quickly!, a vendor that prepares smoothies, well, rather quickly, I guess. Or the frozen yogurt kiosk called Chilling Me Softly. It even had a tagline – “It’s only a matter of time.”

The one below is one of my favorites:

Sabrett hot dog vendor 

Sabrett is a popular NY hotdog brand, but I was particularly tickled by their broadcast that these hot dogs are U.S.-Gov’t Inspected.  

Ok. So yes. I did enjoy my visit. Of course the highlight was being with my family again. To see younger cousins who I used to babysit now have children of their own. To meet new nieces and nephews who bear striking resemblances to some of their parents when they were young. To spend time with my sister before she gets sucked into the sleepless world of medical school once again. To see my adorable lola and witness how 7 years has slowed down her walk but not her mind.

I guess a lot can happen in 7 years. I can change my address eight different times. I can miss out on 7 years of Christmases and family reunions.

But I guess I can also grow in 7 years. In that time I can realize that I wouldn’t want another 7 years to pass by before I visit my family again. And that soon, I would like to be settling down and not want to be moving around anymore.

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