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The girls and I saw Mamma Mia! at the movies tonight. It was so much fun. I realize this movie might cater to a certain demographic: ABBA fans and/or musicals fans. I happen to be both. Not to mention a Meryl Streep fan. (I think she’s fab! She’s Sophie, Mrs. Kramer, and The Prada-wearing devil-boss, afterall).

But like I said, the movie was the perfect end to a rough week and a great start to the weekend. The girls and I all saw the stage production (though not all together), which we all loved. The movie was just as enjoyable. There were a couple of slightly awkward scenes, but overall I thought it was well done.

I was impressed that the actors did all the singing. Pierce Brosnan got the most chuckle when he sang. Not because he was bad. Only because — well, he’s Bond. James Bond, for crying out loud. A few of the song numbers got claps from the audience (as if it were a live performance). There were some amusing parts that just caught me off guard and I had to laugh out loud! I thought all the actors were well-cast! It was cute to see Meryl Streep dancing and singing around.

Here’s the trailer:

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Oh and in case you were wondering, there was no nudity, except a few shirtless guys. But hey it was an island! I don’t remember there being any profanity. And no overtly sexy scenes. Use your discretion about bringing kids. It’s probably something you’d want to see with your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, etc. But go check it out!


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The correct answer to May’s Trivia Question # 1 is Albert Schweitzer. Thanks to www.harpers.org, from which I linked the pic from.

This week’s commenters are creativebebe and Erin. Since this is the last post before I made my rules official, I will give each of them 1 point each for May!

Besides, Michele gave two answers in one (Schweitzer and Einstein) and Erin confessed to searching on Google (which is not necessarily against the rules). 😉

Congratulations, gals and thanks to the others who stopped by! Stay tuned for Trivia #2.


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Ok. So I thought I’d make the rules official to my monthly trivia. They vary somewhat from what I originally intended, but I hope it makes things a little clearer and a little more fair for the throngs of blog readers who’ve flocked to my site since I started the trivia. (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

These rules apply to all posts after May’s #1 trivia. These rules will remain here for future reference.

1. There will be one trivia post every week. The day of the week will not be revealed and it will vary (i.e., I may post on Friday one week, Sunday the next).

2. For each trivia post, the point structure is as follows.
> First comment with correct answer = 5 points
> Second comment with correct answer = 3 points
> Third comment with correct answer = 2 points

3. I will keep a tally of points  for each trivia post and at the end of the month, the person with the most points wins a prize.

4. The trivia questions can cover a plethora of topics — history, sports, entertainment, useless facts, things only my momma would know about me, etc.

5. The correct answer will be posted within 3 days of the original trivia question, regardless of whether there are winners or not. If there are winners, it will be announced at the same time.

6. Shortly after the correct answer and winner are announced, I will also post what the prize is for the month.

7. If the prize is something that needs to be mailed, I will contact the winner via email. However, it is at the discretion of the winner whether s/he would like to share her/his mailing address or not. All personal information will be kept confidential.

8. Lastly, this is all just for fun! So try your luck and have a good time.

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If I were on “Inside the Actors Studio” these would be my responses to James Lipton’s 10-questions:

1. What is your favorite word?
Right now, ubiquitous. I don’t use it often but it’s such a fun word.

2. What is your least favorite word?

3. What turns you on?
A man that smells good

4. What turns you off?
All kinds of stink

5. What sound do you love?
Silence. the peaceful kind. not the eerie, ominous kind akin to what precedes the scary scene of a horror flick.

6. What sound do you hate?
screeching nails on a chalkboard, or anything similar. Ew!

7. What is your favorite curse word?
“Sh*t.” I don’t know if it’s a “favorite” but sadly I do say it often, although I wish I didn’t.

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
Acting. Or professional ballroom dancing.

9. What profession would you not like to do?
Anything that involves extreme heights — like window washing, or air balloon driver, or suspension bridge repairperson.

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Well done, good and faithful servant.

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there is a first time for everything.
I got my first bike at 7.
My first movie theatre experience without my parents at 12.
My first apartment at 23.
My first kiss? A lady never kisses and tells 😉

Last night marks another first in my life.

After 30 years, I can proudly say I’ve eaten a tamale!
Yes, dear readers. I have lived my life in deprivation all these years. But last week, BGP just happened to swing by a mom-and-pop grocery shop and picked up a couple of tamales to snack on. She happily shared one with me, in disbelief that I had never eaten a tamale before!

And now I can proudly say I have eaten a tamale! And it was goooood!

The soft yummy corn masa seemed to melt in my mouth… the chicken, so tender… the spices, just enough to add a little heat in my mouth.


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Seems like The 4400 is trying to make a comeback!

If you’re a fan of The 4400 like me, there’s something you can do to try and save the show. Sign one of these online petitions:
USA Network Forums: The 4400

Or you can also send old-fashioned snail mail, as I mentioned here and again below:
Bonnie Hammer
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York
NY 10112

Heck if you’re a real fan, you might want to consider sending in those sunflower seeds to the address above on February 1st!

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I dreamed about my wedding last night. It was probably one of the best dreams I’ve had in a while. It was one of those dreams that, when I woke up and went back to sleep, the dream continued. In the first segment I was with all my bridesmaids, getting my hair done and getting dressed. Then before I put my gown on, I told them, “I’ll be right back. I need to see the groom one more time.” So I walked to the Hilton hotel (yes, it even panned to the hotel signage in my dream. It was wonderful cinematography, I have to say) where my groom was staying. It turned out my “groom” was G who, in real life, is one of my very best friends in the world. And also happens to be gay.

My “groom” G and I talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company before we were swallowed by the small mass that was our wedding celebration.

In the second segment after the “intermission” (aka Cat waking me up), I was also getting ready for the ceremony, but this time it was in a beautiful home that I apparently was going to live in with my future husband. I was again with the bridesmaids when I heard a car honking outside the house. When I looked out, it was my groom but this time, it was Eddie Murphy (no kidding) and he was driving up in a brand new Lexus SUV proclaiming that it was his gift to his bride. Nice.

There were other wonderful wedding events in my dream, much of which is a blur to me now. But I know there was a lot of joy and merriment. Anyway when I finally awoke (30 minutes later than I should have, for a weekday), I had such a wonderful feeling.

I told BGP about my dream and her take on it was, “Maybe it symbolizes that you’ll marry someone African-American (Eddie) and sensitive (G).”

I told her she was close, but here’s my interpretation:

I will marry a rich man with a great sense of humor (Eddie, the beautiful home, and the Lexus) who is also my best friend (G).

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