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Especially to little 5-year old girls.

First of all, let me start by putting this disclaimer out there: I don’t ordinarily hang out with little kids. My friends with children live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from me. So it’s not often that I spend a Saturday morning with tykes around. That said, my sense of humor has evolved so that it’s understood (and appreciated) by mostly those beyond the Barney generation.

So here’s my story: back in October, my long-time friend, Jo, came up for a visit from southern Cal with her husband and daughter P. Her brother called me and said they were staying with him and he was hosting a small dinner/birthday party for Jo on a Saturday night. Of course, I jumped at the chance to see my friend once again. And it was quite a reunion! We had fun catching up and shooting the breeze as most friends do. The grown-ups were sitting in one area, while the two kids in the party — both cute little girls under the age of 6 — were playing just a few feet from us. I’m not sure what we were talking about, but Jo mentioned that her daughter P loves Hannah Montana! And as any logical, thinking, semi-sane woman in her late 20s (back then) would say, I replied, “Oh! Hannah Montana, she’s my neighbor.” Matter-of-factly. Just like that.

Now what on God’s good earth possessed me to say that, I don’t know. But I said it. How could I have known that little P has the audio sensors of a bat?! The little darling immediately ran to me and began to interrogate me on Hannah Montana and her house, which in P’s mind was just a few feet from my own front door.

Now at this point, I could have said, “Oh sorry, honey. I just blurted that out. She’s not really my neighbor.” P’s a very bright young girl. She would have understood. But again, my tongue=out of control. I went on to perpetuate some fabricated story about how I couldn’t call Hannah at home because she was on tour at that moment.

Well that night ended without me fessing up to my lie. Of course every other friend I’ve told this story to thinks I’m just horrible for telling a little girl this fib. And maybe it was. So last weekend, when I went to visit Jo in L.A., my friends BGP and Mun made me promise to tell P the truth.

P and me, Los Angeles

P and me, Los Angeles

And I did. I told her Hannah Montana wasn’t my neighbor. That she was probably closer to being her neighbor since I was pretty sure Miley Cyrus had a house in Beverly Hills. (Of course, that started a whole session of little P asking Jo to drive around Beverly Hills to find Miley’s house. Hey, I tried.) To be on the safe side, I told her Miley was probably in Nashville most often since her dad was a country singer. (“His name’s Billy Ray Cyrus,” she informed me.)

So yes. I told the truth. Even though it would’ve been easier to say “Forgetaboutit, she’s just a kid.”

Oh and yes, we did drive around Beverly Hills the next day in search of a black limo that just might belong to Hannah Montana. We didn’t see any. Although even if we did, it wouldn’t have mattered because little P was sound asleep in the back seat with her head on my lap. Auntie Mel had been forgiven.


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I recently joined swap-bot.com, an online swapping community where members from around the world swap photographs, letters, crafts, handmade goods, books — practically everything you can imagine.

Since I like to write and have been wanting to get the creative writing juices flowing again, the first swap I decided to do was to list 100 things I miss. I had to put together my list then send (snail mail) it to my swapping partner as chosen randomly by the swap-bot wizard (or some equally mysterious entity that generates the swapping partners).

I must admit, I was a little apprehensive about completing my list. I didn’t think I missed 100 different things. But surprisingly, I completed my list in about 40 minutes on a recent flight to L.A. Then when I got back from my trip, I just typed it up and sent it off.

Here’s a photo of the actual list I sent to my swapping partner:
100 Things I Miss
My list of 100 things I miss, Nikon D40

So if you’re into arts, crafts, gifts, swaps, etc. I encourage you to check out www.swap-bot.com. Maybe we’ll end up being swap partners!

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This is a meme that Erin tagged me for several weeks (months?) ago and I finally just got to it. Yay me.

(1) Share five random/weird things about myself and (2) share five places that I “want to see or want to see again.”

Okay, here it goes!

Five random/weird things about myself

1. When I was about 6 or 7, I was used as a human banner/shield while driving through an anti-Marcos political rally in Manila (I was wearing a yellow t-shirt, the “color” of Marcos’ opponent, Ninoy Aquino)

2. I got a passing grade for a Genetics exam in college because I received points for writing (and forgetting to erase!) lyrics to a Jewel song on one of the essay questions (I think I got 5 points)

3. When I was in the first grade, I won a Princess contest at school. I wore a gown and a tiara, learned how to waltz, and rode in a parade all over our subdivision with my Prince.

4. I am double-jointed on 8 fingers (not sure about my thumbs). I can hold a dime on its edge on the back of my index finger.

5. At work, I always use the 3rd stall in the Ladies’ Room (unless it’s occupied.)

I Want to See or See again.

1. Australia, to see again.

2. Hawaii, to see again.

3. New York, to see again.

4. Many places in Europe, to see for the first time and then again and again.

5. Tahiti, to see for the first time.

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I’ve had the link to Trade As One on my Lists page for a while, but now I’m actually becoming an active participant.

If you don’t know what Trade As One is, it’s primarily an online store that sells Fair Trade (e.g., no child labor, living wages paid, gender equality, environmental stewardship), high-quality products from around the world. These products range from coffee and sugar to hand-made fashion accessories and housewares. And they are beautiful!

Read more about its mission.

A couple of weekends ago, BGP and I signed up to be Trade As One partners. What that means is that I can spread the word about Trade As One and track how my friends, family, and even strangers like you are making a difference. I don’t get any credit for it.

So why am I doing it? Because I support the ideal that it’s putting one’s faith into action. It’s beyond charity in that it actually provides fair employment for people around the world. It can mean that a woman will no longer have to turn to prostitution to support her family. Or that a child will not have to work in a miserable factory. I also thinks that it puts the responsibility on those of us who “have” to extend a helping hand…

As a Trade As One partner, I was assigned a partner ID (#127). When you make your purchase, it would be great if you could use this number as a reference. As I mentioned, I don’t get any credit or points for it. It just lets me know how your purchases have made a difference. For example, right now I have $50 worth of purchases, which has employed a woman in the developing world for 10 hours.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping and start helping.

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original post date: 07.16.07 

Wanted: Friendly, trustworthy, caring individual who can vacuum and shampoo carpets, wash floors, clean bathrooms, do dishes, do laundry (without shrinking them), wash windows, pick up dry cleaning, and make beds. Demonstrated expertise in the preparation of delicious but fresh and healthy meals and snacks an absolute requirement. Must love animals and be willing to occasionally play/cuddle/nurture/pet-sit/clean after/walk well-behaved dog and cat. Skill in ironing and gardening a plus, but not required. May require some weeknights/weekends/on-call shifts. Employers are well-adjusted but extremely  busy singletons who just need a break. Position available immediately.

Those without a sense of humor need not apply. Ability to fly optional.

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Today was the first day in over a week that I’ve seen a glimpse of the blue sky. Don’t get me wrong, living in the Bay Area, we have our share of foggy days and overcast skies. But this thick, icky haze is from the hundreds (thousands?) of wildfires in Northern California. Many counties, including the one I live in, have been under harmful air watch for the last week and residents have been advised to limit our exposure to the outside air. I’ve been particularly careful because I’m allergic to smoke. But at least I know my body’s defenses are at work because — well, let’s just say my mucosal linings are being effectively protected.

But today was different. Today we saw blue sky and breathed in better air. Thank God!

There are still fires ablaze and firemen and -women working ’round the clock to keep them contained. So as you take in a breath of fresh air or admire the beautiful sunset wherever you’re at, take a moment to pray for those brave men and women.

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Remember when I told you about my old blog being “converted”?

Well, I’m now in the process of closing that account. But I also need to move my old blog posts into this new one. So I’ve created a category called “from the vault”, and these will be previous posts from my old blog — an archive, if you will.

I’ll either post date them using their original posting dates, or I’ll re-post some of my favorites and just identify them as archives.


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