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It’s official! I got my official looking packet via FedEx yesterday. My roommate, Mun, actually called me at work to tell me that the packet had arrived. They always say in times like these, a packet is always better than a letter: the bigger the packet, the better.

I gave Mun the go ahead to open it and read the cover letter. And there it was. Official. I will start my part-time MBA Program this Fall.

I’m so excited. Woo hoo!


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salvation. joy.
grace. wisdom. mercy.
family. friends. free long distance
phone calls to home. turkey. good food. naps.
my car. paved roads. plumbing. electricity. Internet.
computers. blogging. pets. water. pretty yarn. knitting. crafts.
care packages. the gym. my trainer. rubik’s cube. challenges. victories.
failures. life lessons. photos. memories. thoughts. opportunities. chances.
rain. rainbows. clouds. fog. my job. my team. my co-workers. my boss.
words. poetry. Sister. BestGalPal. laughter. feelings. smiles. movies.
videos. Netflix. Macs. PCs too. cell phones. tv shows. iPod. senses.
money. clothes that fit. and keep you warm. shoes and socks.
emails. mints. toothbrushes. grass. sunshine. flowers. tea.
coffee.chocolate. ginger ale. my camera. Lola. nieces.
nephews. silliness. trips. bridges. games. books.

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Yesterday, BGP and I went to the grocery store to shop for Thanksgiving dinner*. We got our turkey (the smallest we found was just under 18 lbs.) and all the fixin’.
Then BGP saw a whole ham that she wanted to prepare for dinner (and leftovers of course). Great thing was that it was on sale, too!

We get up to the cash register and the cashier rings up the ham and it’s showing up as regular price. BGP was convinced that she saw a sign advertising the ham on sale.
No one could confirm or deny this then and there so the cashier sent the bag girl to the ham section to verify. So we’re all standing there waiting for the ham price check while the checkout line behind us grew (everyone seemed pleasant enough and we didn’t hear any complaints for the delay, might I add)
Well it turns out the ’sale’ sign was meant for another, slightly smaller (therefore inferior) ham. Being that the regular price for the ham we wanted was nearly $2 a pound, BGP decided she didn’t want to serve ham this year after all.

So we head home and are quite happy with our turkey and sides, content that we won’t have ham for the holidays.

Then this morning I get an email from my favorite “Lite Rock, Less Talk” FM radio station in the Bay Area – KOIT 96.5. I won a $50 gift certificate for a honey-baked ham from, well, where else? The Honey Baked Ham Company!

Well I was just about tickled pink! And who says God isn’t in even the minute details of our lives? As BGP put it, “… only the Lord could have a sense of humor and be generous at the same time! …”

I’ll have to post a future blog on how delicious our honey baked ham is!

*In case you’re wondering, BGP prepares most of Thanksgiving dinner. I’m usually the sous chef or clean-up crew. Ocassionally, I do prepare specialty dishes. Like this year, I’m making chicken kelaguen.

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