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original post date: 07.16.07 

Wanted: Friendly, trustworthy, caring individual who can vacuum and shampoo carpets, wash floors, clean bathrooms, do dishes, do laundry (without shrinking them), wash windows, pick up dry cleaning, and make beds. Demonstrated expertise in the preparation of delicious but fresh and healthy meals and snacks an absolute requirement. Must love animals and be willing to occasionally play/cuddle/nurture/pet-sit/clean after/walk well-behaved dog and cat. Skill in ironing and gardening a plus, but not required. May require some weeknights/weekends/on-call shifts. Employers are well-adjusted but extremely  busy singletons who just need a break. Position available immediately.

Those without a sense of humor need not apply. Ability to fly optional.


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Remember when I told you about my old blog being “converted”?

Well, I’m now in the process of closing that account. But I also need to move my old blog posts into this new one. So I’ve created a category called “from the vault”, and these will be previous posts from my old blog — an archive, if you will.

I’ll either post date them using their original posting dates, or I’ll re-post some of my favorites and just identify them as archives.


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You know you’re getting old when you’re sitting in the car with a 10-year old listening to Christmas music, you pop in Mariah Carey’s “classic” Christmas album, and the kid asks you “Who’s Mariah Carey?” Sigh. 

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